photo de hollander

Jean-Yves Batave a.k.a. Hollander was born in France and lives in Paris.

While producing films in the United States (1992-2001) he became interested in photography ("Walls in Soho", NYC, Millennium series) and began his painting career in 2000.

His oil paintings using bright chromatum with impasto, flat tints of colour and white line clearness are inspirationally positive.

Without abstracting the reality, the subjects he portrays are either figurative or symbolic. The vibrations are both powerful and peaceful.

His own method differs by the compositions' original concept, the use of materials, the structured primings of certain canvasses and the superimposition of pigments.

Hollander's creative élan brings out the feeling that a captivating and fascinating "elsewhere" exists. Since 2002 Hollander has displayed his work in private galleries and his paintings are to be found in collections in North America and Europe as well as (2009) in the Elysée Palace, the official residence of the French President.

Translation : C. Coupland©